All-Star Athletes Who Are All-Star Dads

On the outside looking in, living the life of a famous athlete seems pretty great. In reality, the balance between work and family is a common hardship for many professional athletes. These sporty dads have seemed to nail that balance, though, and have shown the world exactly what it takes to be a great dad and a great athlete... Spoiler alert: it's not easy!

Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, is better known by his family as Papa Russ. His job keeps him away from his family pretty often, but that doesn't mean he doesn't spend time with them when he can! He always makes time for what matters most: his family. 


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The More You Know

  • It's a tradition in Ireland that if you donated a pint of blood, they give you a pint of Guinness to replace the iron.
  • The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.
  • It costs the U.S. Mint almost twice as much to mint each penny and nickel as the coins are actually worth. Taxpayers lost over $100 million in 2013 just through the coins being made.
  • The television was invented only two years after the invention of sliced bread.
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