After Hearing Strange Sounds Coming from Their Walls, One Family Discovers Something They Never Thought They Would Find

Imagine settling into a new home, getting comfortable, and suddenly being bombarded by deafening, unidentifiable noises coming from the walls. This one lucky Tennessee family had the shock of a lifetime…

Huh, That’s Weird…

How would you react if you started hearing sounds coming from the insides of your house? This Tennessee family had to experience just that. Mere days after they moved into their new home, the family started to experience abnormal sounds coming from the walls.


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The More You Know

  • Facebook has more users than many major populations.
  • Peanuts grow underground.
  • Great white sharks are so scared of killer whales that they'll avoid an area for up to a year after spotting one.
  • Pittsburgh is the only city where all three major sports teams share the same colors.
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