After Experiencing a 'Tumbleweed Day' with Zero Sales a Book Store Get New Life

The historic Petersfield Bookstore of Petersfield, England recently experienced quite a turnaround. The week started with an all-time low when the shop shared with Twitter last week that not a single book had been sold, and that the week overall, was pretty dismal. 

After seeing the tweet, dozens of Twitter users shared the post and reached out with book orders to help give the store a boost.

Famous English novelist, Neil Gaiman, was one of the Twitter users to retweet the image of the empty book store, which caused the shop to get flooded with book orders. 

Things had been going downhill for a while at the store, and the Petersfield Bookshop wasn't sure it would survive. 

"It is not always easy for a business to admit that it has been so close to the edge, and we don’t do it lightly. It was a horrible situation and of course, things remain fragile," wrote the shop. "The thought of having to announce the closure of The Petersfield Bookshop was heartbreaking."

After Gaiman posted about the shop, however, they gained 1,100 new followers on Twitter, were loaded up with online book orders, and received over 300 messages with customers asking about certain books they were hoping to find.

"It was nothing short of miraculous this has happened to us in the same week … and we are truly grateful," they continued. "We are trying to think of ways to pay it forward and to use our newfound voice with 20k followers to help the book trade in general."

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