After Buying Their Dream Home, This California Couple Experienced a Total Nightmare

When Jerry and Janice bought their dream home in Carmel Valley, they had really high hopes for their life together there. Not long after moving in, though, someone began to leave strange and threatening notes outside their house that really took a toll on their sanity.

The notes were just the start of this nightmare, though, and things only continued to get worse…

The Perfect Start

For Janice and Jerry, this was an exciting time. Janice was nine months pregnant, and after searching high and low with their real estate agent, Renee Milton, they had finally found their dream home in Carmel Valley, California. It was quaint and located in a peaceful neighborhood, something they were thrilled about since they were expecting their first child…


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The More You Know

  • Ninety percent of the world’s population lives above the equator.
  • Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as wallpaper.
  • You can buy a completely renovated and converted Boeing 727 jet that accommodates 23 people for less than the cost of a Ferrari.
  • Mattel once tried to sue Aqua over their song "Barbie Girl". The judge literally told them to "chill".
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