Adorable Kitten Discovers That She Has Ears After Seeing Her Reflection

We’re all guilty of looking in the mirror, checking our teeth, making sure our hair looks presentable, apply a little touch up of makeup, but for our pets, a mirror can be a whole other ball game.

Take little Mimo for example…

This little cat from Brooklyn was surprised by the very fact that she had ears. When she looked in the mirror she just couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

While wandering past her human’s mirror, she froze on the spot when she saw her ears. She was so confused by the triangular tufts of fur that peeked out from the top of her head.

She stands up on her hind legs to get a better look in the mirror, using her paws to give them a physical examination, just to be sure they were, indeed, her ears.

There’s a whole lot more cuteness where this came from, so if you want to see more of Mimo’s antics, check out her Instagram page “mimothekitten.”

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