Adele Graced Fans With a Rare Instagram Photo on Her Birthday

Adele celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday, and while the pop star typically lays low on social media, she shared a birthday photo that has nearly broken the Internet. 

The singer appeared in a little black dress with her blonde hair blown out straight. Fans were in disbelief over Adele's slimmed-down physique.

It appears that the always beautiful star has been working on her healthy habits while in lockdown, but regardless of her seemingly slimmer waist-line, the real excitement began weeks prior when she teased a new album. 

While it remains unclear whether the previously announced September release date for Adele's new album will be pushed back due to the limitations of the coronavirus, fans are excited to hear what's next for the belting beauty. 

At a friend's wedding back in February, Adele first announced her upcoming new album and the excitement for new music has been building ever since. 

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