Adam Devine Hilariously Roasted Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello’s Makeout Pics

It’s no secret that pop megastars Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are very in love. They post videos kissing, have been spotted holding hands all around Hollywood, and recently had a very steamy make-out session curtsied at the Clippers-Raptors basketball game. Headlines thought the PDA was out of control, and comedian Adam Devine agreed.

Adam Devine, famous for roles in Workaholics, Modern Family, and Pitch Perfect, posted a hilarious side by side comparison. While Shawn and Camilla were lovey-dovey at the game, Devine and his longtime girlfriend and recent fiancé Chloe Bridges were staring wide-eyed at the actual game.

The photo was taken a few months earlier, but the couples are wearing almost identical outfits. Devine captioned his masterpiece “Month 4 of dating vs. Year 4 #whoworeitbetter”

The celebrities took the roasting in stride. Shawn responded “incredible” while Chloe replied, “How do I already look like a parent at little league?” Either way, both couples look incredible and in love!

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