Abandoned Movie Sets That Sit Locked In Time

Have you ever wondered what happens to the sets of your favorite movies? You might think they are just taken down immediately after the shoot, or they are CGI on a greenscreen. Often that is the case, but on rare occasions iconic films will leave sets intact for tourists to visit. These are those rare movie sets and where you can find them.

Star Wars Tatooine in Tozeur, Tunisia

Have you been to outer space before? Though a real visit to outer space is out of the question, for now, fans of the saga can visit the famous planet of Tatooine. Located near Nefta in North Africa, well-kept remnants of places like Luke’s home are still available to visit.


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The More You Know

  • Worldwide ticket sales for the Saw franchise put it at just shy of a billion dollars, making it the highest earning horror franchise globally.
  • While shooting 'Batman Begins' (2005) in Chicago, a drunk driver panicked and crashed into the Batmobile because he thought it was an invading alien.spacecraft
  • Peter O’Toole was nominated for eight performance Oscars and didn’t win a single one.
  • There’s a 20 year age gap between Sam Neill and Laura Dern in Jurassic Park, with Laura aged only 26 during filming.
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