A Harry Potter Pet Collection Now Exists

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, Warner Bros and Fetch have paired up to create a line of wizard-inspired pet products. The line will be available at PetSmart for a limited time. 

The initial product launch will include toys, apparel, and collars for dogs. 

Thanks to one of the toys, a stuffed Sorting Hat, dog owners can now finally figure out what house their particular pooch belongs in. Once that's decided, you can buy all of the house-appropriate gear for your furry friend. The collection has everything from sweaters, tennis balls, and collars with the four house crests and colors. 

There are also toys that highlight the most magical of objects from the Harry Potter universe, one of which is the Nimbus 2000 rope tug toy. 

The line is available now at PetSmart, and pet owners can expect more product releases in the months ahead.

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