A Farmer Got Revenge After People Kept Illegally Parking On His Land

By 10 months ago

This farmer was done trying to be the nice guy. After tirelessly asking people to stop parking on his land that'd he worked day in and day out to care for, he decided to really take matters into his own hands. The revenge he got was well deserved...

Davao Bedekovic's Farm

Davao Bedekovic ran an enormous farm all on his own. He depended on the mineral-rich land for his livelihood and worked day and night to keep his farm thriving. However, he ran into a business-threatening problem once a week...


Keeping a Low Profile

Bedekovic lived a humble life, just wanting to work on his land and keep the peace with his neighbors. He was a friendly face in town, and people appreciated his hard work. One day, a viral video of him confronting the people who parked on his land changed his life for the better...

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