A Cookbook Is Being Published That Totally Revolves Around the Golden Girls

If you’ve felt a sense of emptiness since the Golden Girls finished airing in 1992 (Really? That long?), have no fear! There is finally a cookbook filled with treats and dishes inspired by the hilarious 80’s sitcom.

Unfortunately, the book will be released in 2020. Sorry! This was such good news we couldn’t not share! Either way, there are so many things to look forward too. Pasta dishes of course, and the all famous double-fudge chocolate cheesecake recipe!

The book is being published by Disney affiliate Kingswell, so hopefully, they will do the girls justice! Get ready for Italian dinners and sweet, late night snacks. This cookbook should be in all of your bookshelves.

If you can’t wait, don’t fret! There is a Golden Girls inspired cafe called Ru La Rue Cafe in Washington Heights, NYC. So, head on over there and maybe get inspired!


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