77% of American Consumers Are Eating Healthier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

New research has suggested that Americans have been motivated by the coronavirus pandemic to start eating healthier.

Immunity- and metabolism-boosting foods have become more popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic, including foods that are proven to help aid in mental health. According to a survey from Chicago-based food processing company Archer Daniels Midland, 77% of consumers want to work toward maintaining healthy habits for the future.

The research has indicated that adhering to a plant-based diet, as opposed to one centered around animal products, is a growing trend among Americans.

ADM also noted that 18% of consumers in America purchased their first-ever plant-based proteins during the pandemic, and a whopping 92% said that they would continue to purchase them.

A separate study from Standford Medicine found that a diet which included two servings of plant-based meat alternatives could lessen some cardiovascular risk factors when compared with a carnivorous diet. A study by the largest grocery chain in America, Kroger, found that plant-based meats sold more prominently in the beef aisle during the pandemic.

In conclusion, plant-based diets have become so popular that plant-based products have been flying off the shelves even faster than real meat.

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