7-Year-Old Becomes Inspiring Double-Amputee Model

A clothing brand in the United Kingdom has employed an adorable 7-year-old model that is taking the internet by storm. Daisy-Mae Demetree has begun her true modeling career with River Island through her management, Zebedee Management. Zebedee focuses on kids who have diverse disabilities.

Demetree was born with Fibular Hemimelia, where part of the fibula bone in her leg was missing, so her feet and legs were unable to form correctly. Her parents decided to amputate both of her legs, so she grew up on her prosthetics.

A few years ago, her father signed her up for an Instagram account to show other parents and kids with disabilities that they, too, can live a happy and healthy life despite their disability. Their goal is not to erase the fact that Demetree has a disability, but to embrace and normalize it. So far, Daisy-Mae has been killing the runway and has become the talk of the community through her fierce poses and lovely personality.

Demetree started as an athletic model for River Island’s children’s line. They felt that she was the perfect match because she had tons of energy and loved to run around.

This is just the start for the young model as she continues to break down barriers and inspire those around her.

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