6-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets the Coolest Recovery Gift

By 2 years ago

6-year-old Alexander Gintchin and his family were devastated after learning of the young boy’s cancer diagnosis. Luckily though, he beat the tragic disease and would be able to have a long, healthy life. This was a reason to celebrate, and the celebration would change his life forever…

Meeting Alexander

Alexander Gintchin was a normal 6-year-old living in Broomfield, Colorado. He had two loving parents, Lazar and Tzvetanka, but he also had a favorite activity that he spent all his time on.


Lego Fiend

Alexander loved his parents, his family, and above all, Lego building blocks. He was the absolute biggest Lego fiend out there and loved spending his time playing and building. But things weren’t always so fun, carefree, and easy…

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